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Can I use my own hosting company?

No. All of our sites are hosted by one company.

  • It’s easier and faster for us to provide support
  • Our hosting has daily backups in case your site is hacked or you delete something by accident
  • Your site will be on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and not a shared server which gives you enhanced security and better performance helping with SEO
  • You also get an SSL certificate
  • Will be part of of a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Are there any discounts if I pay upfront?

With most of our subscription services, we offer 2 months free when you pay for a year upfront. For example, if a service is $99 a month, you can pay $990 upfront and get 12 months which brings the monthly expense down to $82.50 per month.

Do you design custom websites?

We do offer custom websites and the price varies depending on the scope of the project. The bigger the website (more pages), the higher the cost. Also, if it requires additional functionality beyond a regular website (i.e. shopping capabilities) then there is an additional cost for that as well. Custom websites start at $3000.

What if I want to write my own content?

If you have your own written content then we can put it on the site. We do not offer discounts for any content provided to deter people from writing their own content. Why should you not write your own content? Most likely you’re not a professional copywriter. Copywriters know how to write content for the internet and have tools that tell them how much a keyword should be used and when it’s being overused. Unless you have access to the same tools, people will “keyword stuff” which Google doesn’t like or completely omit the keywords they’re trying to rank for and then wonder and get upset when they’re not found on Google for keywords that aren’t in any of the text they provided.

Do I need a new site if I'm not trying to grow my business?

Possibly. Your website is not just a marketing and sales tool. It’s also your virtual storefront and can help inspire or erode confidence with current customers. It can also be a liability if your privacy policy is not accurate and updated regularly. Also, if your website is not ADA compliant then you can be sued by people with disabilities who have issues accessing the information on it.

Can I make changes to my website myself?

You will have access to the backend of the site. However, unless you make a lot of changes on a regular basis, we don’t recommend you make your own changes for a few reasons.

  1. One, it’s time-consuming and you have a business to run. The less frequently you make changes the longer it can take because you’re not as used to logging in and finding things on the backend of the site.
  2. If you delete something by accident or change something and need us to fix your mistakes that is the only time we will charge additional services on an hourly basis since that could have been avoided.
  3. Us making changes for you is included (up to one hour monthly) in the monthly maintenance. We are your technology team. Use us!

Do you guarantee I won't get hacked?

While no one can guarantee that you won’t be hacked, we do have a “Hack-free Guarantee” which states that we will fix your site if it’s hacked for no additional charge as part of our monthly service. We do have many things in place to minimize the probability but anything is possible.

Can I get SEO, content, and/or maintenance if you didn't do my website?

If we did not design your existing website, you can get all of those things.

  • For SEO, will need access to do an SEO audit on your existing site since how it’s coded is part of SEO and what makes a campaign more or less successful.
  • Website content (blogs) you can purchase without giving us access to your site but we will not be able to post it unless we have access.
  • Monthly maintenance we will take on a case-by-case basis after we review your site. Due to our guarantees, we need to make sure your site doesn’t have a lot of deferred maintenance and will be a big hassle to maintain because of all the issues that it may currently have “under the hood.”