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Why should you have several versions of your logo

Though you may have a great-looking logo for your business, one logo just isn’t going to be good enough.

If you’re planning ahead for different circumstances and ways for your logo to be seen and get noticed, it makes much more sense to have a variety of them ready to go for any need or opportunity that might come up.

You don’t have to modify or remove any of the core elements that make your brand special, unique and memorable, such as specific colors, designs or fonts, but you can also make some slight changes so it looks great in any form of print or digital media, from a tiny image on a website to a giant billboard, and everything in between.

All of these choices can be kept in your digital toolbox, so any of them could be available as needed when someone wants a certain one or wants to see a selection of choices.

Using the same logo for everything not only may not look professional but could run the risk of it looking distorted. Viewers might be quicker to look past a bad logo, not notice it at all, or even have negative thoughts toward it, sometimes without even consciously realizing it.

Some examples of different types of logos that can be created or requested which you might need to include:

  • A reverse. Your logo might look great against a white background, but could look incomplete or washed out against a black or similar darker background. Instead, create one that’s the opposite of your main logo, such as white lines instead of black, and complementary colors.
  • Different shades. The same theory applies to lighter or darker backgrounds. The wrong color tone and background could make your logo look washed out, incomplete, or generally less likely to impress people.
  • Different sizes and resolution. A web page might only need a tiny logo that won’t take much memory or consume many system resources. But a larger glossy print magazine would demand something more impressive with higher dot per inch/dpi.
  • Different file types. Though Adobe Photoshop often has a default setting of .psd, not ever program recognizes these. More common/universal image files include .jpg or .tif. Some sources or programs may need something specific like a .png. A raw vector also might be requested in some circumstances. Although images can always be converted quickly if needed, it’s easier to do so ahead of time so no distortion will take place.
  • Different shapes. A horizontal version may fit better and look better on a site. A square version might be better where it’s centered,
  • Different occasions. You may want to change your logo slightly on a temporary basis for certain celebrations or holidays. For instance, you can turn your logo into a Christmas theme in December by maybe bringing in red and green colors or incorporating garland or ornaments. To commemorate military holidays like Veterans Day, you can make your logo camouflage or insert a flag or something patriotic.

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